Poseidon Wetcleaning


The Complete Wetcleaning Solution

Poseidon Textile Care Systems – specifically engineered for the professional fabricare industry – delivers unrivaled wetcleaning, drying and ironing results without shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics. The system teams highly programmable wetcleaning machines, moisture sensing and reversing dryers, and high-performance flatwork ironers.

Engineered to exceed the professional fabricare industry’s highest standards, the Poseidon Textile Care System delivers unrivaled programmability for undisputed and superior wetcleaning results. Poseidon harnesses high-performance Soft-Mount Wetcleaning Machines and Hard-Mount Wetcleaning Machines, Dryers and Flatwork Ironers for results and efficiency that outshine traditional drycleaning.

Wetcleaning Machines

Trust the Poseidon Wetcleaning Machine to deliver unrivaled wetcleaning results in less time. Program and control every conditional aspect of the wetcleaning process, including rotation action, extract speed, chemical dosing, number of baths and rinses, water temperature by degree, and so much more. Durably constructed, Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines are engineered for years of rigorous use.


Drying Tumblers

Packed with features that set it apart, the Poseidon Dryer offers programmable drum rotation, moisture sensing, timed reversing, crease guard, and much more. It thoroughly dries even the most delicate items – eliminating air-drying. Garments go straight from dryer to finisher – boosting productivity.






Flatwork Ironers

Nurture a new revenue stream by harnessing the profit-potential of a Poseidon Flatwork Ironer. Feed damp flatwork goods – table linens, duvets, sheets, and pillowcases – into a Poseidon Ironer, where they are dried and ironed simultaneously. Provide customers with crisply finished table linens, runners, and napkins for holiday celebrations. Cater to hospitality accounts with expertly ironed duvets and bed linens. Rely on Poseidon for superb ironing without dryer pre-conditioning.



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