Getting the most out of your laundry equipment!

Whether you run the laundry at a hotel, a veterinarian office, a ranch, or a laundry plant, I am sure you have thought to yourself, “laundry is a pain, and I’m not even really sure if I am getting the best out of my equipment”. You are not laundry experts but fortunately for you, we are!

Laundry machines are the last thing you need to break down when you are running a successful business. The downtime is costly and adds up quickly. Every industry has its own version of the cost of ‘down’ laundry equipment. Hotels need clean linens for turning over rooms, athletes need clean uniforms that will keep them healthy, hospitals need clean linens to keep patient environments sterile; The list goes on and on. One thing is certain, with laundry equipment down, the time it takes to get them up and running is vital. Fortunately for your business, here’s some advice from the Laundry Pro’s on minimizing downtime.

1: Purchase or rent equipment that will last cycle after cycle, but also equipment that can be fixed easily if anything goes wrong.

Everyone understands that cars get harder and harder to work on as computers and plastic parts take over the industry. The same thing applies to laundry equipment. Know what type of materials are used to make your equipment. The little that you save in buying equipment with smaller plastic parts will not pay off in the long run. The manufacturers know that and will capitalize on selling you more plastic parts down the road.

2: Maintain your equipment! There are certain maintenance milestones that every washer and dryer hit in quarterly increments.

Just like getting the oil changed on your car, you should perform scheduled maintenance. When looking to purchase new equipment, ask about what should be done to maintain the equipment and ask around about how much time it takes to do the scheduled maintenance. Can you afford to have a technician come out and look over your equipment once a year? If you can, pencil that in now!

3: Have a plan for who to call when your equipment goes down.

There are several service companies out there but make sure they are factory trained for your brand of equipment and they are authorized distributors for your parts. It may seem like all service companies are alike but ask “Are your factory-trained technicians trained to work on (Dexter or insert your brand here) equipment? Do you distribute parts from the manufacturer or are you a 3rd party reseller?”. Best deals on parts come directly from a manufacturer’s authorized distributor because the parts pass through far fewer levels before they get to you.

4: Look into renting your equipment so that you don’t pay for repairs or pay for scheduled maintenance.

Rent your equipment from an equipment distributor like Laundry Pro who will include the cost of both. It cost much less for a distributor to maintain equipment when they rent it out than for the end user to pay out of pocket. Our overhead is much less when we have you on a route for scheduled service. That savings gets passed on to you as the consumer!

These are just some tips from the Laundry Pro’s! Give us a call or email us if you would like more advice or have questions!

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