Hard-Mount Machines

Hard-Mount Wetcleaning Machines

Delivering highly flexible controls for unrivaled programmability, efficiency, performance and results, Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines are durably constructed for years of rigorous use. Engineered to perfectly and gently wetclean a variety of items and fabrics – from silk, cashmere and wool to wedding gowns, tailored suits and dress shirts – Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines are backed by an industry-leading 5/3-year factory warranty and available in freestanding soft-mount and hard-mount models.

Poseidon hard-mount wetcleaning machines feature programmable extract speeds up to 200 G-force, solid productivity and flexible programmability.

REM025 (25lb.), RMG033 (33lb.), RMG040 (40lb.), RMG055 (55lb.), RMG070 (70lb.)  |  View Washer Specifications  |  View Wetcleaning Brochure


Bolt-Down Installation

Hard-mount Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines require a reinforced concrete foundation and bolt-down. Since not all fabricare facilities have the 8-inch concrete foundation required to operate a 200 G-force hard-mount machine. Poseidon hard-mount wetcleaning machines can operate on a lesser foundation by adjusting G-force extract accordingly. Programmable G-force is critical when installation variables are not ideal.


Programmable Extract Speeds up to 200 G-force

Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines gently reach extract speeds of 200 G-force. By comparison, most competitive hard-mount washers typically only reach speeds between 75-150 G-force. As extract speeds increase, so does the moisture removed during extract. The higher extract speeds of Poseidon hard-mount wetcleaning machines cut subsequent dry-time, natural gas consumption and labor expense. By cutting dry time, heat exposure and mechanical action are also reduced, resulting in less linen wear. Less time in the dryer significantly bolsters productivity and reduces utility costs. Extract speeds are programmable to meet the specific wetcleaning needs of a variety of items.


Optimum Dosing for Unsurpassed Cleaning Results

To guarantee optimum cleaning for every load type, Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines feature 12 standard chemical injection signals with programmable time dosing and flush flexibility. Chemicals are diluted with water before being introduced into the machine drum – preventing direct chemical-to-linen contact – preventing linen damage.