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Poseidon Textile Care System – Wetcleaning Dryers

Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers are engineered to safely and quickly dry wetcleaned items with minimal or no shrinkage and wrinkling. Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers are unique in the marketplace because they allow fabricare and drycleaning operations to safely dry nearly any fabric type! They deliver unrivaled programmability, efficiency, durability and fabric-friendly moisture-sensing technology. Smart construction keeps heat inside the dryer – ensuring a cool work environment, shorter dry times and lower energy bills. Choose from electric, natural gas and steam models.

ED260 (30lb.), ED340 (40lb.), ED460 (60lb.), ED660 (85lb.)  |  View Dryer Specifications  |  View Wetcleaning Brochure

Fabric Friendly

Safely and quickly wetclean and dry a wide array of items and fabrics including dress shirts, wedding dresses, tailored suits, sweaters, skirts, silks, knits, wool, cotton, Gortex, polyester, linen, cashmere and camel hair.


Bolstered Productivity

Finally, virtually any item can be fully dried before finishing. Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers quickly and safely dry even the most delicate items – boosting productivity and quality. All items move straight from dryer to finisher without ANY air drying! This precise drying process is gentle, fast and efficient.


Features That Set Poseidon Apart

  • Moisture Control

    The moisture control system prevents linen from over-drying. Sensors automatically stop the dryer once a pre-set moisture level is reached inside the dryer drum. The moisture control system eliminates operator error, improves productivity and prevents fabric damage and shrinkage.

  • Timed Reversing

    When the dryer drum only turns in one direction, goods ball up and tangle. This creates uneven drying and wrinkling. Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers offer programmable, timed reversing for perfect results no matter the item type or fabric content. This allows fabricare and drycleaning operations to determine how long the drum turns right and left.

  • Speed Control

    Activated in manual or automatic mode, the Speed Control function controls drum rotation speed. This is critical because drum rotation significantly impacts fabric wear and shrinkage. In automatic mode, drum rotation speed can be adjusted to suit the residual moisture content of the linen. In manual mode, drum rotation speed can be varied with the cycle activated. Temperature and drying time can also be changed while the dryer is operating.

  • GDrive

    GDrive is a management and communication system between the inverter, motor and microprocessor. It ensures the dryer assembly is properly balanced for longer life. It can also be used to control drum rotation speed.

  • Dual Temperature Sensor System

    Engineered for drying the most delicate items, the Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryer incorporates a programmable temperature sensor at the airflow inlet and outlet. The input temperature sensor is programmable in increments of 1°C up to 200° C or 392°F. The output temperature sensor is programmable in increments of 1° up to 90° C or 194°F. The dual-temperature sensor system continuously monitors temperatures and allows total control over cooling speed.

    Unrivaled Programmabilityinteli dryer control

    The perfect dryer for delicate fabrics and the most sophisticated processes, Poseidon features the industry’s most advanced microprocessor control – the highly programmable and flexible Inteli.



Total Control over Drying Variables—Inteli Process Control

The Inteli Control simplifies programming and operation and allows activation of the PRO MODE or EASY USE MODE. A system of icons is easy to follow and the display illuminates cycle status, temperature and time remaining. There are 10 pre-set programs and 10 customizable programs. Inteli offers PRO MODE programming by phase for a fully customized drying process. In this way, fabricare and drycleaning operations can precisely control drying temperature, drying time, drum-rotation speed and interval, timed reversing, and moisture level for wrinkle- and shrinkage-free results. The Inteli also offers pre-set timed programs for regular drying. Operators simply load, select a program number and press start.

Manual Mid-Cycle Adjustments

Sometimes settings must be tweaked in mid-cycle. That’s why the Inteli allows operators to manually change rotation speed, temperature, time, and moisture settings on the fly.

Total Programmability by Phase (PRO MODE)

Phased control of the drying process ensures unrivaled results and helps eliminate over-drying, shrinkage, and wrinkling – no matter the fabric type. Each phase (there are 11 total phases) allows programmability of drum rotation speed, drum rotation interval, moisture level, timed reversing, input air temperature, drying temperature, heating temperature, drying time, and time limit. Using the PRO MODE, fabricare and drycleaning operations can quickly and safely dry anything from tailored wool suits and silk blouses to cotton dress shirts, silk wedding dresses and polyester pants.


Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers offer three EASY USE operating modes – ECO, Soft and ½. These often used for drying comforters, jeans, sheets, blankets and towels.
ECO: The ECO mode automatically adjusts heating parameters for heightened energy-efficiency.
Soft: Designed for delicate items, the Soft mode automatically adjusts drum movement and temperature. This ensures a soft and gentle drying process.
½: The ½ mode is in place for reduced loads. It automatically reduces drying time for maximized efficiency.


Unmatched Features

Crease Guard

If a load is left inside the dryer drum once the cycle is complete, the system automatically activates suctioning and rotates the drum to prevent linen from wrinkling.

Automatic Cool-Down

After the end of a program, automatic cool-down initiates. This keeps the contents of the dryer at a safe temperature and helps prevent combustion.

SmoothTouch Drum

Poseidon’s SmoothTouch Drum is designed to reduce friction and fabric wear. While some dryers feature perforated drums with sharp edges – which can be rough on fabric – Poseidon’s SmoothTouch Drum is machine stamped for unrivaled smoothness. It’s constructed of durable AISI 430 stainless steel.

Trans Flow

By combining radial and axial airflow technologies, Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers enhance airflow penetration between garments – ensuring shorter cycle times and optimum drying results. Trans Flow pushes heated air through drum perforations from the back of the dryer to the front. It recirculates hot air through the drum again for the ultimate in efficiency.

Heat Capture Technology

Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers trap heat inside the dryer with a double-glazed dual-pane door system. The dryer optimizes heat energy – getting the dryer up to set temperatures extremely quickly – and then keeps that heat energy inside where it belongs. No leakage of heated air ensures a more pleasant work environment, along with lower utility costs.

Ergonomic. Durable. Easy to Maintain

Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers feature large door openings for simple loading and unloading; a large-capacity filter for quick cleaning; and an easily accessed drive belt for simplified maintenance. Constructed to withstand the rigors of constant use, the dryers feature a 304L stainless steel drum for unrivaled strength. The drum is not supported on wheels, but rather, on a shaft with bearings – eliminating wheel maintenance and wear. This also ensures quiet operation. The dryer fan requires a minimum of maintenance, yet ventilation is maintained without reducing performance over time.

Single-Phase Power

Operating on single-phase power with inverter technology, Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers consume less energy and are less costly to install than industry standard three-phase units. No longer is a three-phase breaker required for installation—resulting in a significant savings during initial setup. If three-phase power is pre-wired, however, Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers are easily adapted to meet this requirement.

Dryer Size & Piece Count

Poseidon makes it easy to calculate dryer capacity and productivity by item type and piece count. (include the graphic/chart provided by Stucky)