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Science or Economics Whatever Gets You Vaccinated!
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Vaccinated people are 94% more likely not to be hospitalized if they contract Covid-19 or the Delta Variant, and 99% are more likely not to die if vaccinated. Currently, the US is experiencing a .098% break through rate of vaccinated people getting infected. The more un-vaccinated people you are around, the odds of you being exposed grows as the Delta Variant Virus is especially contagious. Covid-19 ‘s Delta Variant is the most highly contagious virus we have ever experienced except for Chicken Pox. Most people now get vaccinated for Chicken Pox so the numbers of people infected each year is low. Children are especially lucky and get vaccinated early- this helps protect them as adults from Shingles.
Getting vaccinated will help protect you from long term effects of Covid-19 and its variants. Having the virus can leave you with long term health issues including heart complications, respiratory problems and now learning cognitive issues. Many people also lose their sense of taste and smell permanently. The chance of passing away from Covid-19 and or its Delta Variant are 1 in 200 if you are un-vaccinated. Documented possible adverse effects from the MRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) are 2 -4 people per million vaccines given.
Trust science – not the government, not Facebook, not twitter or politicians from any party.
Get vaccinated – do this for yourself, your family, your friends, your church.
Why would you risk getting sick at all, if you had the chance to avoid it and avoid the risk of infecting those people you care about and love.
If you are already vaccinated please be cautious, the Delta Variant is extremely contagious!
Avoid crowds, wear a mask, wash your hands & socially distance.
Don’t give your vaccine a stress test!
I am putting my money where my big mouth is
Save Cash and Save Lives
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