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Laundry Pro of Florida recently installed Continental washers and dryers at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Sarasota, FL. BluePearl Veterinary Partners are a national provider of specialty and emergency veterinary care. With heavy loads of towels and animal pads, the vet hospital thought it was time for them to upgrade their home style washers and dryers to commercial equipment. Three main criteria that BluePearl was trying to meet for a new washer and dryer was finding a washer and dryer that would fit in their limited laundry space, finding a washer and dryer that would be powerful enough to handle their loads, and to find a machine that came with a commercial warranty.


Finding a unit that would not take up too much space was a key factor in deciding on a commercial washer and dryer. To resolve this issue, Laundry Pro of Florida built a custom rack for BluePearl to stack 2 Continental EH020 Washers and 2 Continental KDE Dryers. By stacking the machines with the custom rack, BluePearl could add an additional washer and dryer to their laundry closet. The great part about the continental E-series machines is that they can slide into place without reinforced concrete foundations and bolts, so they are simple and less costly to install and relocate. The compact design of the EH020 allowed BluePearl to fit four commercial machines into a space where they originally had broken home style units. The continental washers not only save space but they hold up to 40 percent greater capacity than traditional top-load home-style machines.


BluePearls main problem with their home style washer and dryer was not being able to keep up with their laundry loads. There was too much laundry and not enough machine power to handle it. Not any more! The new powerful Continental washers and dryers spin through laundry to increase laundry productivity, linen life and decrease utility costs. This is all due to the high G-force machines Continental offers. The E-Series commercial front-load washers quietly and gently reach extract speeds of up to 387 G-force, about 280 G-force more than most hard-mount washers. The high-speed extraction removes more water from each load—reducing dry-time, operating time, utility consumption and labor expense. Less residual water after wash = less dry time = less utilities + less linen wear.


Lastly, BluePearl was tired of having the same home-style warranty that a home-style unit carried. BluePearl previously owned a home style washer and dryer for their vet hospital. As soon as it was used in a business setting the warranty was voided! By working with Laundry Pro of Florida, BluePearl received a commercial warranty on their commercial machines. Now their machines are covered for 3 years on parts and 5 years on major parts. No warranty headaches anymore!


During the installation of the machines, many of the BluePearl staff asked us ‘what was going on’. When we replied that they were getting heavy duty washers and dryers, the response from all was “Thank Goodness”.


It was a pleasure working with BluePearl Veterinary Partners on this installation and we look forward to helping BluePearl plan, create, and maintain their laundry facilities from now on!


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