New Install: Nails Spa & Beyond




Laundry Pro of Florida, recently did an install for a nail salon called Nails Spa & Beyond in Orange Park FL. Nails Spa & Beyond is a full-service nail salon offering manicures and pedicures and all the latest techniques in nail enhancement. Owners Andy and Mimi Neugyn found a need for a commercial washer and dryer after they went through several traditional home style washer and dryers for their business.  Nails Spa & Beyond use their washer and dryers for the hundreds of towels they go through in a day. Andy and Mimi have been in the nail salon business for 15 years, and have been utilizing home style washers and dryers since they have started their business due to lack of knowing what was available to them in the commercial laundry space. Andy and Mimi were not aware that they could get a commercial laundry equipment that is the same size as a traditional home style washer and dryer that would fit in their tight closet space and would perform better than a home style washer and dryer. Laundry Pro of Florida has helped Andy and Mimi find the right equipment that fits their needs; they are very happy with their commercial stack LG washer and dryer.









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